Midweek Market Update - Nov 8

Midweek Market Update - Nov 8

Battery Metals

With Lithium on a high again, touching prices we haven't seen since last year, all thanks to the EV craze and some supply snags. Nickel is on the critical metals list and takes up 15.7% of an EV battery, the US has only one primary nickel operation located in Peninsula of Michigan the hunt is on for the next Huge Battery Metals Growth Opportunity

Key Minerals in an EV Battery | There is 29 kg or 64 pounds of nickel in every average EV battery
Nickel: EV Revolution’s Hidden Challenge
By: @viceasytiger | Originally Posted: Hackernoon Beneath the electric allure of a Tesla’s sleek design and the subtle hum of a Chevy Bolt in motion lies a hidden challenge, one that
Indonesia’s nickel processing boom raises questions over tailings disposal
Indonesian nickel miners are turning to high-pressure acid leaching to recover nickel that goes into batteries, but experts warn that tailings disposal may prove difficult in the country’s wet climate.
Senators Express Concerns Regarding Critical Minerals Trade Agreement with Indonesia
U. S. Senator Kevin Cramer (R-ND), member of the Senate Environment and Public Works (EPW) Committee, co-led a bipartisan letter expressing several concerns regarding a potential critical mineral free trade agreement between the United States and Indonesia.


The final day of presenters, yesterday featured Frank Giustra, Blackwolf Copper & Gold and Greg Beischer from Alaska Energy Metals.

Fall Mining Showcase 2023 - Red Cloud Financial Services Inc.
Our conferences have grown rapidly over the past few years, providing an outstanding opportunity for mining companies, brokers, and investors alike to connect.

AI News


Announces Cortical Labs the Second Beta Partner of Genius™, Cortical Labs is a biological computing startup putting live neurons into chips to revolutionize computing. VERSES is systematically ticking off one industry at a time to reach more customers and demonstrate its AI master plan. We cant wait to see who gets announced next!

VERSES AI Announces First Genius Beta Partner: NALANTIS, a Next-Gen
Vancouver, BC, – October 31st, 2023 – (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – VERSES AI Inc. (NEO: VERS) (OTCQB:VRSSF) (“VERSES″ or the “Company”), a cognitive computing company specializing in biol


OpenAI's Dev Day just dropped a bombshell with GPT-4 Turbo boasting a massive 128k token limit and cheaper rates, alongside a groundbreaking Assistants API, personalized GPT creation without coding, and dazzling multimodal features, not to mention lower costs and new defenses against copyright issues—AI's cutting edge just got sharper and more accessible!

Introducing GPTs
You can now create custom versions of ChatGPT that combine instructions, extra knowledge, and any combination of skills.

Grok The New AI From Elon Musk

The Evolution of AI: Introducing Grok from xAI – A Formidable Competitor
Grok’s Unveiling: A Strategic Move in the AI Space In a world where artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping the fabric of technology, a new player emerges to challenge the status quo. Grok, the

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