The next Industrial Revolution is AI + Ux +⚡️

The next Industrial Revolution is AI + Ux +⚡️

Alset Capital Inc. Makes Strides with Exciting Corporate and Operational Milestones!

Alset Capital Inc. is making headlines with its recent listing on the OTC market under the ticker symbol ALSCF, a strategic move designed to enhance visibility and accessibility for U.S. investors. The company has also achieved remarkable progress in its AI cloud computing infrastructure, cementing its position as a pure play leader in this high-growth industry. With new strategic partnerships and a robust financial standing, Alset Capital is poised for significant further growth. Leadership's confidence in the company's direction and the team's dedication promises exciting times ahead. Discover the full update and learn how Alset Capital is shaping the future of AI cloud computing!

Alset Capital Inc. Provides Corporate and Operational Update - FG | Financial Gambits
VANCOUVER, British Columbia – May 29, 2024 – Alset Capital Inc. (TSXV:KSUM) (OTC:ALSCF) (FSE:1R60, WKN:A3ESVQ) (“Alset” or the “Company”) is pleased to

Sam Altman-backed Oklo's major data center contract underscores the rising importance of nuclear power in supporting modern infrastructure. Meanwhile, Nvidia's stock surge past $1,000, fueled by advancements in AI through projects like Blackwell, signals robust growth prospects for the chip industry.

Sam Altman-Backed Nuclear Startup Signs Major Data Center Contract - FG | Financial Gambits
Sam Altman backed nuclear startup Oklo inked a deal to supply 100MW of nuclear power to data center company Wyoming Hyperscale, it was announced last week.
Nvidia Stock Tops $1,000 As Blackwell Could Aid Tenfold Rise By 2026 - FG | Financial Gambits
About a year ago, Nvidia released an earnings report that captured the attention of investors around the world. Since then, the chip design giant’s stock has

Additionally, the AI-driven revolution continues to reshape Wall Street, emphasizing the transformative potential of artificial intelligence. In this rapidly evolving landscape, Alset Capital stands poised to capitalize on these trends, strategically positioned in the AI cloud computing infrastructure space, ready to harness the growth opportunities that lie ahead.

AI Is Driving ‘the Next Industrial Revolution.’ Wall Street Is Cashing In. - FG | Financial Gambits
Demand for artificial intelligence is still booming, a year after the phenomenon first took Wall Street by storm. Far beyond the tech sector, investors are

Green Energy and Strategic Metals

Alaska Energy Metals has made remarkable progress in advancing its flagship projects, positioning itself as a key player in the critical metals sector.

Alaska Energy Metals Corporate Update - FG | Financial Gambits
Alaska Energy Metals (TSX-V:AEMC) (OTCQB:AKEMF) has made tremendous strides over the past year in advancing its flagship Nikolai Nickel Project located in

Recent policy changes under the Biden administration are set to bolster the domestic nickel industry, creating new opportunities for growth and development.

Biden’s Tariffs Are a Win for the Domestic Nickel Industry and a Deposit Called “Eureka” - FG | Financial Gambits
In 2022, President Joe Biden invoked the Department of Defense Production Act to spur North American investment in critical minerals such as

The booming electric vehicle sector continues to drive demand for nickel, presenting significant opportunities for investors despite rumors of a supply glut.

Opportunity arises for nickel investors with claims of supply glut overblown - FG | Financial Gambits
The rise of the electric vehicle (EV) sector has resulted in an immense need for industrial metals. One of them is nickel. Yet, the ensuing overflow of cheap

Governments and utilities around the world are recognizing the importance of nuclear power in meeting their climate goals and energy security needs, leading to a wave of new reactor construction and life extensions for existing plants.

Uranium Demand Surges as Nuclear Power Drives Clean Energy Transition
The demand for uranium is set to soar, driven by the increasing global commitment to nuclear power as a low-carbon energy source, the need for reliable baseload power, the emergence of small modular reactors (SMRs), and the growing trend of nuclear-powered data centers.

Investment Opportunities

This bullish outlook for uranium presents several compelling investment opportunities for established Miners, ETF & some Juniors that are well-positioned to benefit from rising prices and growing demand:

Uranium Investment Opportunities: Top Picks for 2024
Discover the best uranium investment opportunities, including top picks for established miners, ETFs, and junior uranium companies poised to benefit from rising prices and growing demand in the uranium market.

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Alset Capital Inc. Announces $26 Million H100 Server Contract by Investee Company Cedarcross

Alset Capital Inc. Announces $26 Million H100 Server Contract by Investee Company Cedarcross

News Release Highlights: * Alset investee, Cedarcross signs $26 million Nvidia H100 GPU server contract. * Cedarcross achieves approx. $28 million cumulative revenue year to date with its high-performance computing (“HPC”) server distribution business vertical alone. * Nvidia’s H100 Servers are used in “transformational AI Training”, offering up to “7x higher performance

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