Weekend Update - Dec 8

Here's a few things you might have missed this week

Brace Yourself for 2024:

Uncover the Alarming Tax Figures That Will Impact Your Wallet!

Tax numbers for 2024 are in and it looks bad
Inflation is still running high, so most of the important tax figures have been substantially increased for 2024. Here are the new tax numbers you need to know. Inflation adjustment factor: Each

U.S. Economy

How November's Jobs Report Signals a Possible 'Soft Landing' Amidst Economic Uncertainties!

U.S. Economy Navigates Towards a Potential ‘Soft Landing’:
The much-anticipated November jobs report is due for release this Friday. It is expected to offer critical insights into the U.S. economy’s potential to achieve the highly sought-after ’soft

🇮🇳 Market Surge

How Modi's Wins are Attracting Global Investors and Fueling a Bullish Trend in Indian Equities!

Foreigners Turn Bullish on India Stock Futures After Modi’s Wins
Foreign investors have turned bullish on the outlook for Indian stocks, seeing further gains after victories in key state elections by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party helped drive the market to a

AI Governance

Join the Critical Webinar on Navigating the Future of AI, Hosted by Industry Leaders!

VERSES, DENTONS US and Spatial Web Foundation Announce “The Future of AI
Cutting Through The AI Noise Vancouver, BC, – 08 December 2023 – (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – VERSES AI Inc. (CBOE: VERS) (OTCQX: VRSSF) (“VERSES″ or the “Company”), a cognitive computi

Nickel's Crucial Role in the Future

How Alaska Energy Metals Is Poised to Redefine U.S. Supply Chains and Boost National Security!

Securing the Future: The Nickel Imperative and Alaska Energy Metals’ Strategic Advantage - The Momentum Letter
Looking ahead to 2024, AEMC’s ambition scales up with plans for extensive exploration drilling. They aim to extend the mineralized zone to a striking 5,000 meters, which, if achieved, could position the deposit as a significant player in the U.S. nickel market.

Teetering on Breakthrough

Invictus Energy's Exploration Endeavors Edge Towards Success Amidst Challenges and Opportunities!

“On the Edge of Success: What Happens Next?” A Written Summary of Invictus Energy’s M-2ST Fireside Chat With JRI
It is déjà vu all over again for Invictus Energy. Scott Macmillan joins me to explain why the knowledge they’ve gained is so critical for building a successful discovery, and what happens after.

Green Tech

This Game-Changing Innovation Could Slash GHG Emissions by 60% and Drastically Reduce Water Use!

Nano One Could Reduce GHGs by up to 60% for NMC, 50% for LFP and Reduce
Vancouver, Canada (TSX: NANO) (OTC: NNOMF) (Frankfurt: LBMB) Highlights: Nano One’s One-Pot Process demonstrates GHG advantages for both LFP and NMC when benchmarked against the complexity and e

Presentations Now Available for Online Viewing

Graphene Manufacturing Group took the stage on Dec 5th at Clean Energy and Precious Metals Virtual Investor Conference - Replay now available

Clean Energy and Precious Metals Virtual Investor Conference | Virtual Investor Conferences
The Investor Relations website contains information about Virtual Investor Conferences’s business for stockholders, potential investors, and financial analysts.

What happened this week???

  1. Canada's Main Stock Index Advances: Boosted by gains in precious metals, especially gold, while awaiting the Bank of Canada's monetary policy update.
  2. Optimism in Wall Street Futures: Indications that the Federal Reserve may ease policies, with significant gains in tech stocks driven by AI developments.
  3. European Shares Rise: Led by miners and a notable increase in Volkswagen shares, highlighting the growing importance of mining for transportation and AI technologies.
  4. Nikkei Index Climbs: Supported by a recovery in chip-related stocks following recent downturns.
  5. US Dollar Stability and Oil Price Decline: The dollar holds steady against other currencies, but oil prices experience a fall.
  6. COP 28 Developments: A mix of interesting and controversial discussions at the climate conference, with a focus on specific political ideologies.
  7. US Electric Vehicle Subsidy Rules Change: The Biden Administration limits China's benefits from the EV subsidy, favoring US companies.
  8. CATL's Expansion in Michigan: The Chinese firm, a leader in battery technology, plans growth amid US policy shifts in the EV sector.
  9. Canadian Mining Firms Eye US Partnerships: Companies with critical metals seek collaboration with the US for supply chain integration.
  10. Major US Banks Testify Before Congress: Bank of America, Citigroup, and others discuss human rights, climate change, and financial stability amid new banking regulations.
  11. Interest Rate Concerns: The impact of high rates on mortgages and deal flows, with anticipation of Federal Reserve's future decisions.
  12. ExxonMobil's Stance on Carbon Capture: The company rejects claims by the International Energy Agency, fueling debate over emission reduction technologies.
  13. Toyota's EV Strategy: Plans to increase battery electric vehicles with six models by 2026, aiming for 20% of sales from EVs.
  14. Stellantis and Michelin's Hydrogen Fuel Cell Gigafactory: Inauguration of Europe's largest facility in France, signaling advancements in hydrogen mobility.
  15. Accenture and AI Investments: Collaboration with Unilever and other AI initiatives, including a focus on generative AI and a $3 billion investment in AI technologies.

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