Market Update - Nov 29

Market Update - Nov 29

In this week's financial and technological developments, LithiumBank announced a breakthrough in lithium extraction efficiency, Alaska Energy Metals completed a major acquisition in Quebec, and the IEA released a critical report on the oil and gas industry's role in net zero transitions. Additionally, we mourn the loss of Charlie Munger, Berkshire Hathaway's vice chairman, at age 99, and tech company VERSES filed a provisional patent for an AI technology that promises real-time, self-learning capabilities, potentially revolutionizing the field of artificial intelligence.


Alaska Energy Metals Seals a Monumental Deal to Own Quebec's Promising Nickel-Copper Project. Unveiling the Next Big Thing in Metal Exploration!

Alaska Energy Metals Closes Acquisition Of The Angliers-Belleterre Project
Highlights Alaska Energy Metals Corporation has closed its previously announced acquisition to acquire 100% of the issued and outstanding securities of 1413336 B.C. Ltd., the owner of the


LithiumBank's Game-Changing Lithium Recovery Exceeds 3000 mg/L with 98% Efficiency! Discover How This Innovation Is Redefining Lithium Extraction!

LithiumBank Reports >3,000 mg/L Lithium and >98% Recovery from Direct
Calgary, Alberta--(Newsfile Corp. - November 22, 2023) - LithiumBank Resources Corp. (TSXV: LBNK) (OTCQX: LBNKF) (“LithiumBank″ or the “Company”) is pleased to announce


VERSES Groundbreaking Real-Time Learning Tech! Discover How Their Latest Innovation is Set to Overhaul Artificial Intelligence as We Know It!

VERSES Files Provisional Patent Application to Enable Real-Time,
Vancouver, BC, – 28 November 2023 – (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – VERSES AI Inc. (CBOE:VERS) (OTCQX:VRSSF) (“VERSES″ or the “Company”), a cognitive computing company specializing in the nex
Understanding Q*: OpenAI’s Possible Groundbreaking Advancement in
OpenAI, the leading artificial intelligence (AI) research organization, recently made headlines over an alleged breakthrough AI system called Q* (pronounced “Q-Star”). While details remain

Investment Titan Charlie Munger Passes Away at 99:

A Tribute to the Resilient Genius Who Revolutionized Berkshire Hathaway! Explore the Legendary Life and Unmatched Wisdom of Warren Buffett’s Right-Hand Man!

Charlie Munger, the ‘Abominable No-Man,’ and Warren Buffett’s Partner Dies at 99
Charlie Munger: A Legacy of Wisdom and Success Explore the life and accomplishments of Charlie Munger, the legendary vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, and his profound impact on the investing world. Featuring real quotes from prominent figures, this article celebrates the enduring legacy of a…

Oil and Gas at a Crossroads

IEA Reveals How the Industry Can Pivot to Meet Net Zero Goals by 2050! Discover the Seismic Shifts Shaping the Future of Global Energy!

Executive summary – The Oil and Gas Industry in Net Zero Transitions – Analysis - IEA
The Oil and Gas Industry in Net Zero Transitions - Analysis and key findings. A report by the International Energy Agency.

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