​​Hello World... Meet Genius™

Genius™ is the world’s first natural computing system. Unlike artificial intelligence trained on enormous amounts of data, Genius is modeled after a breakthrough scientific discovery around biological processes found in Nature

​​Hello World... Meet Genius™

Designed from first principles and the wisdom of Nature, ​​Genius™ is the world’s first natural computing system.  Unlike artificial intelligence trained on enormous amounts of data to excel at pattern recognition and reconstruction, Genius is modeled after a breakthrough scientific discovery around biological processes found in Nature that illuminates the dynamics and behavior of autonomous and intelligent systems.

Hello World Models


Through trial and error experience, humans develop mental models that attempt to represent the cause-effect dynamics that underpin our observations of the world.  Similarly, Genius transforms any kind of structured or unstructured data along with spatial information like geometry and geography into multi-dimensional world models.  These world models have agency in that they can learn, reason, plan, and adapt in real time with the goal of reducing the gap between expectations and outcomes.

General Intelligent Agents


Traditional programming employs deterministic logic such as if/then or case/switch to execute instructions and can’t evolve to accommodate exceptions not accounted for by the developers.  In contrast, Genius generates agents (Genius Agents) that operate are like stem cells that are unspecialized but can evolve into specialized cell types that adapt to the capabilities and limitations of any user, system, device, or condition.  As they become hyper-contextualized, they can provide unique insightful analysis, make personalized recommendations, coordinate with other agents to solve complex problems, and drive real-world automation.

Explainable & Trustworthy


Genius is built with privacy by design and is architected from the ground up to be transparent and auditable with robust identity and credentialing provisions.  The ability to trace data lineage and inspect decision-making processes fosters stakeholder accountability and paves the way for greater trust, knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Powerful Yet Power Efficient


The human brain is estimated to perform 1 exaFLOP (a billion billion calculations per second) yet operates on just 20 watts - less than a conventional light bulb.  A child can learn to ride a bike in less than an hour and understand what a cat is with just a few pictures.   Genius Agents can learn from sparse sample data and are highly computationally and energy efficient.

Distributed Intelligence


Like multi-scale systems found in Nature, from a single tree to groves to forests, connected sensors, robots, drones, vehicles – and humans – can form an intelligence ecosystem with each modular unit performing specific functions and contributing to the body's overall performance.  Genius Agents can run in the cloud or at the edge, share knowledge and collaborate on common goals, resulting in a scalableresilientself-organizing, and adaptive network.

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